The Heimat supports new European Triathlon League

As recently announced naming sponsor of the Spirit European Triathlon League, The Heimat has confirmed its support of triathlon.

As recently announced naming sponsor of the Spirit European Triathlon League, The Heimat has confirmed its support of triathlon and the promotion of healthy lifestyles through sport.

The Heimat announced its commitment to the development of triathlon in Europe earlier this year, and will contribute to the development of the  European Triathlon League, consisting of six professional triathlon teams. The newly founded European long-distance series comprises of four of Europe's most iconic triathlon races. These four long-standing events are professionally organised and represent the core values of triathlon such as integration and lifestyle improvement through sport and fun. The series offers an alternative to the current long-distance triathlon offers - with high quality, unique race formats and distances on which triathletes can build their seasons.

The six teams, consisting of a total of 24 triathlon pros (12 female and 12 male athletes), are complemented by other teams of pros, semi-pros and amateurs in the fight for points. In the first year, the aim is to communicate the concept before further expansion of the teams and clubs in the future.

We are very happy to support this series as healthy and active lifestyles are also the focus of "The Heimat". Our clients like to ski and be active in magnificent natural surroundings complimented with luxurious settings.

"We are proud to be a founding partner of Spirit Multisport," says Samuel Gauro, board member of SP Holding AG SV, "so we can promote and support the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

These are the professional teams that benefit from the partnership with The Heimat:

Alessandro Degespari (Italien)
Jonathan Ciavattella (Italien)
Federica De Nicola (Italien)
Irene Coletto (Italien)
Coach: Edith Niederfriniger

Philippe Grosheny (Schweiz)
Robert Drake (UK)
Nina Derron (Schweiz)
Michelle Derron (Schweiz)
Coaches: Brett Sutton, Robin Haywood, Susan Langley

Markus Hormann (Deutschland)
Andrej Vistica (Deutschland)
Jenny Schulz (Deutschland)
Joanna Soltysiak (Polen)
Coach: Jo Spindler

Brett Basset (UK)
Claire Weller (UK)
Chantal Cummings (UK)
Panayiotis Antoniou (UK)
Coach: Perry Agass

Milosz Sowinski (Polen)
Chris Standidge (UK)
Celine Scharer (Schweiz)
Katherine Renouf (UK)
Coaches: Rafal, Alicja Medak

Arnaud Margot
Baptiste Neveu
Sarah Straub
Flora Colledge
Team Manager: Daniela Ryf

From April to August 2019, four Spirit European Triathlon League races will take place in Europe:


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